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This series is built upon the foundations of amillenial theology recognizing other influences and contributions to the subject which cannot be limited by amillenialism. This is defintely not a pre or post millenial treatment and for those whose traditions include dispensational hermeneutics, this site may be informative for a different perspective, but will not support, reinforce or focus on modern applications of these traditions. It is the view of Pastor Mike that anyone and everyone can benefit from spending time in this work, and that no teacher, pastor or leader should use differences in millenial perspective to interfere with the greater command that we love one another. While this series and site may provide inspirational guidance, it is never our intention to separate, condemn or otherwise use Revelation as a divide between followers of Christ. When asked for our opinion on millenial issues, the best answer is Pro-Millenial – we’re for it however God works it out.

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Pastor Mike Pierce has spent 40 years studying and teaching this material to bring inspiration, peace and comfort to Christians wherever and whenever they face challenges and difficulties.

Pastor Mike has a divinity degree from Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln IL; a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from Abilene Christian University, Abilene TX; and a Master’s degree in Grant Writing and Administration from Concordia University, River Grove, IL.

While there are many resources of images for this site, the primary and most helpful art is produced by Pat Marvenko Smith at Revelation Illustrated.

All her images here are copyright protected but are available in a variety of formats. To acquire these beautiful images visit her site for an abundance of visual resources. Click on any image that shows the copyright watermark to get more information or go to:


The site is a supplement to online Revelation studies by Pastor Mike Pierce. .

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